November 8, 2010

Sears Gets Me Through Softball Season!!

As a busy mother of a 4 year old son and 9 year old daughter, laundry can be a never ending task. Softball season can be the worst when it comes to dirty clothes! With up to three games a week, the stains are tough and the odor indescribable. Each time my daughter slides into home, I cheer and cringe at the same time. ;)

I decided awhile back that I would need quality appliances to assist me with the daunting task of cleaning dirty clothes. Our hometown Sears here in Iowa has been my go to when it comes to washers and dryers. They offer high quality and great value when it comes to appliances. On my Christmas wish list this year is the Kenmore White High Efficiency 4.0 cu. ft. capacity front load washers. That is another thing I love about Sears appliances – energy efficiency! There are so many reasons to shop my hometown Sears for appliances that it would be a hard sell to shop anywhere else.

Feel free to stop over to and check out hottest appliance they have to offer!

You can also view this blog post on the Sears Community page today only. :)

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