November 5, 2010

Tryology @

I just received a new email from my Expo account, I love them! is a great little site that has a "Tryology" program. You fill out little surveys to try certain products and if you qualify they send a nice little box of full size items and coupons for you to try. In return they ask that you upload a short video with your opinion of the product.
I got my first Tryology packet 2 weeks ago. It was a full size box of the new Garnier Nuctrisse Blow Dry Prefector hair product. That stuff is great. It kept my hair healthy and shiny looking for a whole week. If only I had some place to go! :) I just remembered that I need to upload a video for it this weekend, Haily will get her first shot at directing....
Anyways, this recent e-mail was to try out the new Head & Shoulders line, which is perfect with winter approaching. I would like to avoid any dry scalp this year, it messes with my hair-do. So, I logged in and filled out the app and now I have my piggy tails crossed that I will get to try it out.

Here is the link if you are interested in checking them out and signing up to get some free goodies!
(Just copy and paste this link in your browser.)

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