February 6, 2012

2012: The Year of Experiences

I don't know if it happened when I turned 30, but I have decided I'm tired of missing out on the world. Until the last few years I had never really left the midwest. As much as I love it, there is so much more to see.

For me, 2012 is going to be the year of experiences. I want to see and do as many things as I can. Both local and not-so local. I am going to do this has frugally as I can but at the same time getting the most out of my experience. One of the fun things about being a blogger are the conferences held throughout the year. Great way to network and learn. I have several conferences on my agenda this year that are going to take me places I have never been. Yay!


In April I will be heading to St. Louis for the Bloggy Bootcamp. I have been through and by St. Louis but never stayed or visited so this should be fun.

In July I will be heading to the Windy City for the #BBSummit12 and Chicago is somewhere I have always wanted to go. The hubby has been, for work, so we didn't tag along.

In August I will be heading to the Big Apple with my hubby, best friend, and her hubby to take in the festivus that BlogHer12 is. Being that NYC is on my bucket list, I couldn't pass this up.

We have lots of local things planned as a family as well. First up is the art museum! I picked up a discounted Josyln Art Museum Membership on Groupon and out first visit will be to the Egyptian Opening on Friday, February 10th. There is also another local Art Show at the RNG Gallary that a friend is hosting that night. We hope to squeeze both of those in.

 I can't wait to start experiencing and sharing the fun with you! Maybe you will find some local treasures along the way... ;)
Photo Source: CrusieFlamingoTravel

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