February 28, 2012

The Pancake Man Flips for All Ages!

Today is National Pancake Day and what better way to finish off the night then with dinner by The Pancake Man! The Pancake Man is someone known by young and old. You will find The Pancake Man flipping pancakes at all sorts of events in the Council Bluffs/ Omaha Metro Area. Did you know that The Pancake Man hold's the World Record for the fastest pancake flipper? He was also on Food Network's Paula's Party and there is even a The Pancake Man of Council Bluffs Facebook Page!

This evening we took in dinner at the kid's elementary school, flipped up by The Pancake Man! When The Pancake Man is serving, you want to be early. Even then, you will more than likely be greeted with a line. ;)
The kiddos especially love The Pancake Man because he lets them stand back and catch their pancakes as he flips them into the air! Yes, even my husband likes to get in on the action. Do you see the flying pancake in the top of the pic? :D
At school we paid $5.00 a person and you recieved Pancakes, Sausage, and Milk or Orange Juice. Plus, seconds are FREE, which is great with a growing boy, and man. ;)
Everyone really enjoyed their dinner. James for sure did, and he was the first one done.
He was even nice enough to share a bite with you! :)

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