April 18, 2012

The St. Louis Moscato Mission #2012BBC

In less than 30 hours I will be boarding my plan to St. Louis! I am super stoked to be heading to Bloggy Boot Camp and meeting up with some fellow bloggers. Even before starting the trip I know there are so many things I want to do and not enough time. Isn't that how it always is?

I have two missions after I am all checked in. Glitter Balls and Moscato - VERY important. These two key elements will make Friday Night a success. The Glitter Balls are sparkling with happiness and ready for me to swoop in and give them a home (in my belly) so the mission on that portion is just retrieval. 

Moscato on the other hand, could turn out to be an adventurous mission. Yes, I could just stop off at wherever and buy any old Moscato, but that is no fun. I want a Moscato that is dangerously fruity you don't even know you need an ID. There was a split second that I thought about buying a case at Olive Garden and tucking it snugly in my suitcase....but the dream ending with shards of glass on my brand new clothes and me smelling like I took a bubbly bath for days on end.

So.....in 30 hours (ish) the Moscato Adventure begins.

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  1. Have a WONDERFUL time!!! Wish I could be joining you! Instead Si is out living it up at the bar...bah...blasted birthdays!
    Have at least one glass of moscato for me please!!! =)