May 1, 2012

Curling Back Into Childhood #NaBloProMo

Childhood, something we wanted to rush out of only to end up wanting to curl up back in it. 

Friends are a big part of being a child. Best friends, sleepovers, bike rides, and trips to the mall. I remember my very first friend, Crystal. We lived across the street from one another until I was 3 years old. Even after I moved we were still buddies and always going over to each others houses. I always wanted to go to her house because her pantry had a bead curtain as a door and it was way too much fun to play in! I recall there being many silly fights over whose toy was better or who knew more about something. We wore out the Sound of Music VHS tape within two months - gosh I haven't watched that flick in forever.....

As we reached out teenage years we grew apart. Different friends, different circles, and then different schools. A few years later, towards the end of high school we ran into each other again. Heading to the campground or friends house, and usually ending up in trouble, because at this point there were boys in the picture. Why did we have to figure out that cooties don't exsist?

After that summer we drifted apart again. She moved out of state, I got married and started a family. Then that little friend request notification on Facebook lit up and there she was. Crystal wants to be your friend and with a click of a button we are virtually reunited.

Even if we can't curl back up into our childhood, we can stroll back through it, no matter how far away it is.

NaBloPoMo May 2012

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