May 7, 2012

Dancing is a Sport and I LOVE It #NaBloPoMo

Growing up, heck even now, I was not and am not the most in-shape person. I played volleyball and softball but dancing was is my passion. For those that don't count dancing as a sport, I do. It takes work, dedication, commitment, and hard work, did I mention that.

Dancing is something I started as a tot and still have a special place in my heart for, particularly tap dancing. There is something about letting the music flow throw you and out through the taps into a beautiful sound. My daughter has been dancing for several years, and I am pretty sure she got her skills from me, only they are kicked up a notch.

Two years ago I took classes at her studio and performed both tap and clogging in the recital. Heading out onto the stage, in front of hundreds of people had not gotten easier as I had gotten older. Honestly, I think it was harder but it was SO MUCH fun! My grandma even greeted us both with bouquets when we were done. Yep, I was that good.

There I was, at 29, revisiting something I loved so much. I still dance around the house cleaning with the radio blaring and busting moves in the living room with the kiddos.

Note to self(and everyone else) When you love something, don't stop doing it.

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