May 22, 2012

De-Cluttering the Casa: Coat Closet

I don't know about you but I like to tackle smaller tasks over time versus everything at once. It's isn't so overwhelming and I get more done that way. Clutter doesn't happen over night and it won't disappear that fast either. Take it one area at a time and you will be feeling much better as you get going.

De-Cluttering: Coat Closet
STEP 1) Empty the Closet
STEP 2) Sweep and Wipe off Shelves
STEP 3) Put Off Season Items Elsewhere
STEP 4) Corral Smaller Items in Totes or Baskets
STEP 5) Put Things Back 

My coat closet is not that big so it's amazing how cluttered it can get. The stuff that ends up in there, oh my. I don't have a place to store off season coats so they have to stay right where they are. Those messes on the shelves however, they gotta go!

Within less than 30 minutes I was done and it felt great! I now have an empty shelf and I love that, the feeling of free space. What do you think, ready to hit that closet? If you have tip on how you keep your closet organized I would like to hear it. 

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