May 1, 2012

PeakFitness 5K Beer Run and Scavenger Hunt on May 26th (21+)

Have fun, get fit, and get your drink on at the same time! The AK's Peak Fitness Team is holding the " 21 and Older Fitness 5K Beer Run and Scavenger Hunt" on Saturday, May 26th and this sounds fun! If I wasn't going to be standing next to my sister while she gets married that day, I would think about getting a team together. But, since I can't one of you needs to DO THIS!

Teams of 5 will run along the Mall of the Bluffs, up around St. Albert and end on the 100 Block of Broadway. When participants get to the 100 Block of Broadway (seriously, is this not the hub of CB now?! but, I love it) they will endure physical fitness task assigned by participating bar staff. I'm thinking you better be prepared for this - remember anytime you left a bad tip...they probably know you. ;)

The first team to complete the run and tasks WINS $250!! Wait.....the team that looks the craziest will WIN $100 - so get out those wrist bands, old sweatsuits and KEDS and get ready! :D  Doll Distributing will be handing out beer samples and their will be raffle prizes to get in on as well.

Registration is $30 per person and must be completed by May 18th. You can find registration forms at the AK's Peak Fitness Building at 619 South Main St. and soon online at

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