July 20, 2012

Getting a Shot@Life and Making Memories

As I sit here, 3 months pregnant with twins, I think of the other two littles. Well, not so little anymore as Little Man is 6 and Tween Girl is 10. Gosh they grow up fast. I remember it like it was yesterday.....Tween Girl walked into the delivery room after Little Man was born and her eyelashes looked so big. She looked so big.   Six years later they are no longer my babies, the photo below was just 3 years ago, that seems crazy! How much they have grown will really hit me when the tiny twins are in my arms.

I can't wait to start making more memories with the twins. First steps. First words. First owies. First everything's. Pretty soon there will be four kids fighting over spots on the couch, four kids yelling their favorite flavors of ice cream, and four kids playing in the autumn leaves in the fall. These are the memories I cherish and live for.

Thanks to vaccines, my kiddos did and will get a Shot@Life and the chance to make these memories with me. That isn't the case for children in other countries. Lack of vaccines, money, and resources all prevent children from being vaccinated. It's heart breaking. They are making strides though, like in India. A new oral vaccine for cholera, now made in India, will soon be more widely available to protect children under five for just $1.00 a dose. 

 I got the pleasure of  meeting the Shot@Life Team while at the TypeAParent Conference. I couldn't wait to help spread the word about such a moving campaign. I want all the littles to have memories like mine have and are going to have.

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