July 18, 2012

Must Have Apps for #BlogHer12

In just two weeks I will be in New York City! The hubby and I are heading to BlogHer12 and I'm excited to see the sights of the city and hug my bloggy friends. This will be my second time to BlogHer and this time I have a smartphone! Holla! It was frustrating last year to not be able to access things I needed or do things I wanted to do. Not this time. I even made sure to download a few handy apps to make my adventures in New York smoother.

BlogHer 12 App (iTunes or Android)
A schedule, maps, Twitter Updates, and more.

Eventbrite App
Access to party invites in case I forget to print one or need an address.

Charmin Sit or Squat App
Hello! You never leave home without knowing that you can find a clean potty!

DropBox App (iTunes or Android)
The pictures I take in New York will automatically sync to my laptop and desktop at home. Saving me time when my trip is over!

Cozi App
Puts my schedule of events in the palm of my hand. I'll have a paper version too, just in case....

Is there an app you can't live without while on the road?

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