September 12, 2012

Twin Pregnancy: Oh the Cravings

This pregnancy with the twins seems to be rapidly moving along.

What's going on with the babies?

  • Eyelids, Lips, and Eyebrows are becoming distinct.
  • Tiny teeth buds are growing beneath the gums.
  • Eyes have formed.
  • Sense of touch developing.

How am I feeling?

Tired and whiny but for those that know me is that any different? I feel like I am stuffed all the time. That After Thanksgiving Dinner Need to Unbutton My Pants feeling. My feet are starting to swell and so are my emotions.


The cravings are really starting to show there faces. Chocolate is a big one and I'm okay with that. Tacos, burritos, and pretty much anything rolled into a tortilla. Thank you Nick. The one thing I still want, that I can't find in the area, is Land O' Lakes 4-Cheese Blend for a grilled cheese. I had one in New York and my belly wants many more.

Weight Gain: 13 pounds overall

I absolutely dread having my photo taken but here is a Belly Shot for you!

What is your favorite memory from being pregnant?


  1. You look ADORABLE!! Perfectly pregnant =).
    Can you feel those kiddos kicking yet?? That is my absolute favorite memory from my pregnancies. With the girls it was fun because I could tell which one was kicking me depending on where I felt the kick - lol!

  2. They have been kicking more this past week!! Nick actually got to feel him kick tonight but she is positioned in away that is hard for him to feel her yet on the "outside".