October 2, 2012

Fun-da-middles Fail Turned Neapolitan

Every year I have big plans of making the kids birthday cakes or cupcakes. I gather ideas...but from there it seems to go wrong. I didn't get my Grandma's skills - she decorated cakes for a living and still makes the wedding cakes for the grand children. The thing is, what I bake tastes great, I just lack in presentation.

Enter my Fun-da-middles Fail. 

Tween Girl wanted cupcakes for her family party. We hadn't tried Fun-da-middles yet and she thought they looked yummy so that is what we went with. How hard could it be? Ha!

 Mixing the batter went according to plan and so far all is right in the baking world. To create the Fun-da-middles you need to put a portion of the batter into the cupcake liners. The directions called for roughly 2 TBSP but as you will soon see, I think I was a bit off on my portions.

Once you have the cupcake liners filled 1/3 of the way it's time to put the fun in the middle. Fudge is provided and meant to be evenly distributed among each cupcake. I didn't use up all the fudge but added a generous dollop to each cupcake. 
Finally, you top each cupcake with the remaining batter. Making sure all the fudge filling is covered. At this point I knew something wasn't right. I didn't feel the coverage was enough for the fudge and without enough coverage the fudge will show. 
As you can see....that is exactly what happened. Not only did it show but it came exploding out the top. The cupcakes weren't even in for the minimum baking time at this point but they were done.
Even this little guy was sticking his tongue out at my Fun-da-Middles Fail!
Thankfully, they tasted WAY better than they looked! Still moist and great flavor. I chose to turn these into Neapolitan Cupcakes by adding Strawberry Frosting. Everyone loved them - especially my hubby and daughter! Even though my attempt was fail, you can't judge this book by the cover. The yumminess inside the liner made the frustrating attempt so worth it!

What is your biggest baking fail?!

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