June 3, 2013

Creating a Container Garden with BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers

We recently had some family fun Creating a Container Garden with BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers! After what seems like over a week of rainy days, the sun was shining this weekend. We took advantage of the nice weather and created a container garden! My son has been wanting to plant a garden this Spring, but with a rambunctious dog claiming the back yard as his playground, there isn't a good, safe place to plant. Planting a container garden is perfect for him to start and thanks to Smiley360 we got the perfect package to help make it all happen!

We received 6 small white containers, a package of BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers, popsicle sticks, and 3 packages of seeds. We decided on a design for our containers and I got busy decorating. There were so many fun colors to choose from and I wanted to make sure I used a variety of Spring-y colors.

The names of our seeds all got written on popsicle sticks. These BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers have Fine Tips making them perfect for writing words and drawing little designs. They didn't bleed to much on the popsicle sticks so we could read the words clearly close up and at a distance. 

Once our containers were decorated, they were ready to be filled with soil. We used a regular old potting soil that was hanging out in the garage waiting to be put to use. The seeds we used for container planting are basil, parsley, cilantro, chives, oregano, and cucumbers. Little Man has been holding onto those cucumber seeds FOREVER so I let him plant them even though I know they are going to get to big and need to moved.

Little man had a lot of fun container planting with me. He got to pour in the seeds and was amazed at all the different sizes and colors. A few seeds escaped and he dug through the grass like crazy trying to find them. He didn't, so maybe we will have some chives growing in the grass..?

With his tiny water bottle in hand, Little Man gave the containers a shower of water to help the seeds make a cozy home in the potting soil.

We stuck the popsicle sticks into their respective containers to finish them up. 

Our container garden was complete and ready to begin growing. Creating a container garden with BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers was a lot of fun and it looks great sitting in front of the house! 

You can fin more information and lots of creative tips at BicMarkit.com! Also, grab this $2.00 off BIC Mark-It Coupon

*I received products from Smiley360 for this project. Any opinions are 100% my own. 

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