June 25, 2013

Daddy Vaughn, Meet Me in Chicago #DeliveryManChicago #BlogHer13

I was recently partaking in my 3pm ritual of watching Ellen and Vince Vaughn was on. Him as an actor I have have always enjoyed, but that day I become a Vince Vaughn as a person liker. He told a story about playing peek-a-boo with his daughter and at the moment, he become daddy Vince Vaughn and not actor Vince Vaughn.

I'm heading to Chicago in July for BlogHer13 and word is that Vince Vaughn lives there and often goes about life as daddy Vince Vaughn. You know that I will be watching for him every time I am out on the streets! I don't want his autograph, or even a picture, although I would take them if he offered. All I really want to do is tell him that I loved his Peek-a-boo story on Ellen.

My email inbox just received some awesome Vince Vaughn news as well! While attending BlogHer13 in Chicago, I will be attending an advanced screening of Delivery Man that stars, you guessed it, Vince Vaughn! So, Daddy Vaughn, if you are not busy on July 27th, please meet me at the Lucky Strike inside the AMC Theater on E. Illinois Street around 8:30pm.

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