July 2, 2013

Delivery Man Trailer #DeliveryManMovie

Family is everything and it is what keeps me going everyday. We had our daughter first and she was a wonderful surprise. Although we weren't planning on starting our family when we did, it all worked out great. I knew I didn't want her to be an only child but we weren't sure when to give her a sibling. She turned 4 and we surprised her with a brother. We too were surprised to find out we were pregnant but again, it worked out great.

A son and a daughter. It was perfect for us.  Life settled into a routine and our babies were growing up. We weren't planning on anymore children but life had other plans. We added twins to make for an even number of 6. Now 2 boys and 2 girls and we are perfectly happy. Each one of our beautiful children were a surprise. We took it all in stride and everything worked out in the end but can you imagine if you got 533 of those surprises?

Vince Vaughn is the accidental father to 533 children in the "Delivery Man" that is hitting theaters in November. I say accidental because he donated to a fertility bank. It's not like he actually went to bed with 533 different women.

Over 100 of the women file a lawsuit to have his identity revealed so Vaughn must decide whether or not to come forward. Can you imagine?! Check out the Delivery Man Trailer below and get ready to buy your  tickets come November! I am beyond excited that I will be screening Delivery Man with other fabulous bloggers in Chicago at the end of the month. I know. Be jealous because Vince Vaughn is pretty fantabulous.


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