July 5, 2014

Nickelodeon's World Wide Day of Play + Vote for Omaha Children's Museum to Get Slimed!

Nickelodeon's World Wide Day of Play is coming up in September and you know what that means........NO TV shows on Nickelodeon for an entire day. Gasp! It's really not as bad as the kiddos think and it often makes for some great play time memories. Once they are done whining that they can't watch their beloved Spongebob Squarepants.

This year, Nickelodeon will be traveling to three US cities to bring their slime, contests and celebrities to help promote the upcoming Worldwide Day of Play. Guess what? One of the US cities is up to the kids! Pretty awesome, huh?! Kids can go online and vote for their city to be a place to stop by telling Nickelodeon what they do to play and why their city is a fun place to play.

Join me in voting for OMAHA as the city and OMAHA'S CHILDREN'S MUSEUM as a fun place to play! It is a pretty great place to play isn't it?! Head over HERE to cast your vote and who knows.....maybe OCM will get slimed in September!

*Deadline is July 27th and you must be between the ages of 7 - 12 to enter. 

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