October 21, 2014

Is Omaha Steaks the Right Job for You?

*I partnered with Omaha Steaks for this post and any opinions are 100% my own. 

 All this Omaha Steaks talk has had me hungry lately! We aren't done yet though. So far we have talked about the Omaha Steaks Holiday Job Fair and what it all entails. We have talked about the Benefits of Working at Omaha Steaks and man are there a lot of them! Now, we are going to talk about the who. The who being you and is Omaha Steaks the right job for you?

That answer is actually quite easy. Omaha Steaks is the right job for pretty much anyone. The flexible shifts available, make it perfect for:

  • College students looking to make some cash or to help pay down student loans.
  • Single parents trying to make ends meet.
  • Full-time Employed people looking to make extra cash for the holidays, Summer vacations, or just because. 
  • Retirees looking to get out of the house, stay active, and have fun.
  • Stay at home parents looking to get away for a little bit. :Raises Hand:
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While I was out at Omaha Steaks experiencing the Holiday Job Fair, I got to walk the floor. A floor filled with fun decorations, personalized spaces, and employees with smiling faces. Employees that sounded like and looked like they were having fun. That's the type of place I want to work at. One of the Inbound Call Center Employees stuck up a conversation with me, thinking I was a new hire, and all I kept thinking was...how comfortable I would feel if I was actually a new hire thanks to people like her.

Even if you aren't looking for a new job, I bet you know someone who is. Am I right? Send them the details on the Omaha Steaks Holiday Job Fair and you might just be the person getting thanked for making someones day.

Each Week in October Starts at 8AM 
Call Center: Monday & Tuesday at John Galt Blvd 
 Warehouse: Wednesday at 48th & G St

*I partnered with Omaha Steaks for this post and any opinions are 100% my own.

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