October 21, 2014

Stone Crabs on the Menu at Sullivan's Steakhouse

*I was invited to this event at Sullivan's but was not compensated nor did I have to write a review. I did because Stone Crabs are very tasty and in town for a limited time. 

When I got invited to Sullivans' Steakhouse, to welcome Stone Crab Claws, via limo, well I couldn't say no. A food that is special enough to receive limo transportation definitely had to get in my belly. So I did just that last week when the Stone Crab Claws made their debut for the season at Sullivan's Steakhouse in Omaha!

First off, Stone Crab Claws are oh my gosh delicious! So fresh, sweet, and honestly not really crabby tasting to me which I liked. It was there, don't get me wrong, but it was overpowering. The Stone Crab Claws are flown in fresh from the Florida Keys from October 17th - May 15th. I was chatting with Sullivan's Steakhouse manager and he said as the shipment arrived in Omaha that morning, that boat was already coming back to the shore in the Florida Keys with more to deliver. Fresh I tell ya!
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Stone Crab Claws are severed fresh and as is at Sullivan's Steakhouse. They don't cook them or use them in recipes as to not disturb the flavor. Seriously though, I can't imagine doing anything to them. Other than a squirt of lemon and  touch of the spicy mustard served with them.

Don't forget to have yourself a Knockout while you are at Sullivan's! Clementine Vodka infused with Hawaiian Pineapples for 14 days. Pretty much straight vodka that tastes like the best pineapples ever.

Sullivan's Steakhouse will be offering Stone Crab Claws on their menu through Stone Crab Season which ends on May 15th, or as supplies allow. From my taste buds to your ears....you need to go in and give them a try while they are in town.

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