March 23, 2015

7 Reasons to Book a Birthday Party at The Amazing Pizza Machine

*I was provided with a birthday party package from The Amazing Pizza Machine. Any opinions are 100% my own.

When it comes to birthday parties, we are not friends. I'm just going to lay it all on the line.....

#1 I'm a last minute planner which leads to stress by everyone in the house.
#2 Nothing EVER turns out as I envisioned it in my head. (I still shudder at my attempt to make a light saber cake...with Twinkies...I'm sure you can picture where this leads....)
#3 I despise the before and after party clean up.
#4 My Pinterest Wish List turns into more of Pinterest Fail list which brings up back to #2.

For those reasons, and a lot of little other ones, we had James' 9th Birthday Party at The Amazing Pizza Machine! You can imagine the look on his face when I told him where we were going AND that The Amazing Pizza Machine now has Laser Tag! If a Birthday is coming up on your calendar, here are 7 Reasons to Book a Birthday Party at The Amazing Pizza Machine.

1) Less Stress

Booking a Birthday Party at The Amazing Pizza Machine is as easy as calling to schedule it and showing up. That leaves you to send out the invites, take pictures, load up the presents, and enjoy the day. How nice does that sound?!

2) Private Party Room

The Private Party Rooms at The Amazing Pizza Machine, are like ocean front suites. There are several rooms and each one has doors that open towards the buffet and doors that opens to the game floor. The party rooms are convenient, nicely sized, and include a TV which worked wonders for occupying the twins while waited for the party guests. Oh, and a sign outside of each room greets the Birthday Boy or Girl so they know which room is theirs!

3) Food and Fun in One Place

At The Amazing Pizza Machine you get food and fun in one place, and at a great price! You are given 90 minutes in the party room which is the perfect amount of time to enjoy your meal and open presents before heading out to play and ride!

4) Variety of Birthday Party Packages

The Amazing Pizza Machine offers a variety of Birthday Party Packages at different price levels. New ones were recently added, including the Laser Tag Extreme Party Package that we chose for my son. No matter which package you choose, it accommodates 8 Kids and 2 Adult Buffets. The Laser Tag Party was perfect James and his friends. They got 2 games of Laser Tag, 2 Rides, and $15 BIG FUN Card each. We were there for a little over 2 hours and when we left they still had a few points left to play for next time, but you can bet they got in their rides and Laser Tag!

5) Cogswell!

Cogswell is the mascot of The Amazing Pizza Machine! He made a stop in the party rooms, but of course the boys had already run off to play. Good thing Cogswell makes a visit to the game floor or Charlie Sue wouldn't have had anyone to follow around!

6) Extras That Make Life Easier

There are lots of extras and add-ons that make life easier. Birthday Cakes, party favors, extra rides or play point. You name it, you can probably add it on.

7) Memories 

My son has been talking about the Laser Tag and games since his party. He had tons of fun with his friends and they all can't wait to get back there. The memories they have from The Amazing Pizza Machine will last them a lifetime and it's a place they can go, no matter what birthday it is.

Save up to $20 on your next Amazing Pizza Machine Birthday Party when you book a weekday party online! The Amazing Pizza Machine offers two ways to save:

 1. Book online and save $10 (good for any online booking, regardless of the day of the week of the party) 

2. Book online and have your party on a Monday-Thursday and save another $10


  1. Love the Amazing Pizza Machine! Their birthday parties are always so fun!

  2. I loved how easy Amazing Pizza Machine makes it when it comes to having a party there!

  3. That one looks amazing! I would love to have them hot with the birthday party.