April 17, 2017

Picnic and Play at Kirn Park in Council Bluffs

There is no shortage on parks in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Each one offers its own unique features and reasons to visit, something our family does quite often. Situated at the top of a hill on High School Avenue, Kirn Park and Kirn Field were once the site of the city's first high school. To this day it still sees teams hitting the field and kids hitting the playground.

At Kirn Park you will find a nice playground with plenty of things for the kids to do. A jungle gym, monkey bars, slides, swings, and digging toys with a gorgeous view!  

After playing you can enjoy lunch or dinner on one of the picnic tables. Bonus points for coverage in case of rain, and a grill for cooking! 

A drinking fountain, trashcans, and a port-a-potty are also available for use. 

The track around Kirn Field is still there and usable. Several people were walking and running around it while we were there playing. As well as several different soccer teams starting practice on the field. 

I'm not sure how many and what types of games are played at Kirn Park, but the bleachers are still there and in decent condition. A plaque hanging at the entrance takes you back in time with a date of 1936! 

Plan a visit to Kirn Park in Council Bluff, and enjoy a location with history while you are having some fun!

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