May 30, 2017

Cool Down at Fairmount Splash Pad and Park

Council Bluffs opened it's newest water playground two years ago and it's been a hit with residents. As the weather heats up this summer, cool down at Fairmount Splash Pad and Park! Seeing how many kids loved playing in the mini splash pad at Bayliss Park, it was a smart move for the city to add Fairmount Splash Pad to the Fairmount Park project.

Fairmount Splash Pad 

Fairmount Splash Pad offers plenty of water fun, with beautiful scenery as it's surround by 100-year old Oak trees all around.

Fairmount Splash Pad features 14 water sprayers that squirt on a cycle that encourages kids to move all around the water playground. Tall sprayers to run under.

Shorter sprayers to run around.

Plenty of room to accommodate quite a few kids running around, and benches for parents to sit on.

There is also a covered picnic shelter where you can dry off and enjoy a bite to eat. 

Fairmount Park

In addition to the water playground and plaza, kids burn off energy at the playground. Have I mentioned the views at Fairmount Park? So pretty and this was back in October but I'm dying to get out there soon and see how colorful things are!

You may even spot a lone picnic table or two if you want to grab a bite away from the crowd at the splash pad.

There are also restrooms handy, which is helpful with a splash pad nearby.

Fairmount has really come along way from the condition it was in years ago. Families are once again returning to the area and there is plenty of fun to be had, both wet and dry. Grab the swimsuits and snacks for a day filled with family fun at Fairmount Splash Pad and park!

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